M+. Next generation software for MedX machines

Modern. Clear. User-friendly.

M+ is the latest generation of application-oriented, German-speaking software for all MedX diagnostic- and therapy devices.The application-optimized user interface leads through all professional functions needed in everyday working life clear and fast.

Co-developed by domain experts

M+ is the consequent advancement of further programs and it sets new standards for modern work with MedX devices. Orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and sports scientists participated during the development process. Thus, the M+ software is best suited to everyday practice and in addition very flexible, clear and user friendly.

Reference data

The new sheet shows you all relevant patient data at a glance. Information on the diagnosis, therapy, doctor and medical insurance can easily updated anytime. In addition, annotations and remarks can be saved for each therapy session.

Dynamic training

During training both training speed and holding time can necessarily specified by means of the new pacer. This specifications can be set individually at any time. Based on the animated illustration of the movement as well as the visual and audible feedback the training is user-friendly, understandable and directly influenced by the customer.

Range of motion

The guidance of determining the range of motion (ROM) is extremely user-friendly due to the clear, animated presentation. So it is easily understandable by the patient too.


The importance of the counterweight can easily illustrated with the help of a new, animated visual representation.

Static test

After executing the muscle function diagnosis previously populated test descriptions can activated and added as a comment to document the test process.


The newly designed printout shows the graphic, percentage and tabular data analysis. Comments on therapy recommendation or specific characteristics during the test are integrated.